The Framingham Heart Study is a project of Boston University & the National Heart, Lung, & Blood Institute.
The Framingham Heart Study is a project of Boston University & the National Heart, Lung, & Blood Institute.

Former FHS Research Fellows

Funding for the FHS Research Fellows program has concluded.

If you are a pre- or post-doctoral researcher interested in working with our investigators, please directly contact the FHS Investigator or Collaborator with whom you would like to work:

Primary Investigators
Investigators & Collaborators

First Year of Fellowship Research Fellow
2015 Teemu Niiranen, MD
2014 Marja Puurunen, MD
2013 Charlotte Andersson, MD
2013 Mary Rice, MD
2012 Tobin Abraham, MD
2012 Brian Chen, PhD
2012 Gearoid McMahon, MD
2012 Michael Mendelson, MD
2012 Oyere Onuma, MD
2011 Conall O’Seaghdha, MD
2011 Klara Rosenquist, MD
2011 Connie Tsao, MD
2010 Michael Chuang, MD
2010 Bernhard Kaess, MD
2009 João Fontes, MD, MPH
2009 Meredith Foster, ScD, MPH
2009 Jennifer Ho, MD
2009 Carolyn Lam, MD
2009 Jared Magnani, MD
2009 Manju Pai, MD
2009 George Thanassoulis, MD
2007 Erica Brooks, MD
2007 Andrew Johnson, PhD
2007 Wolfgang Lieb, MD
2007 Sarah Rosner Preis, ScD, MPH
2007 Thomas Tadros, MD
2007 Raghava Velagaleti, MD
2006 Erik Ingelsson, MD
2006 Renate Schnabel, MD, MSc
2005 Ting-hsu Chen, MD
2005 Satish Kenchaiah, MD, MPH
2005 Yamini Levitzky, MD
2005 Nisha Parikh, MD, MPH
2004 Johan Arnlov, MD
2004 Douglas Lee, MD
2004 Avni Thakore, MD
2003 Ravi Dhingra, MD
2003 Sekar Kathiresan, MD
2003 Christopher Newton-Cheh, MD
2003 Thomas Wang, MD
2002 Hani Abdallah, MD
2002 Johan Sundström, MD, PhD
2001 Caroline Fox, MD, MPH
2000 Ali-Morshedi Meibodi, MD
1999 Kourosh Mastali, MD
1999 Epidoforos Soteriades, MD
1999 Craig Walsh, MD, MPH
1998 Ursula Guidry, MD
1998 Kim Poli, MD
1997 Bruce Culleton, MD
1997 Donald Lloyd-Jones, MD, ScM
1996 Agha Haider, MD
1996 Jagmeet Singh, MD
1995 Vivian Abascal, MD
1994 Lee-wei Chen, MD
1994 Ming-Hui Chen, MD, MMSc
1994 Rachel Givelber, MD
1994 Arend Mosterd, MD
1993 Wendy Blumenthal (Post) MD, MS
1993 Andrew Bostom, MD
1993 Kalon Kwun Leung Ho, MD
1993 Vasan Ramachandran, MD
1993 Sudha Seshadri, MD
1992 Alex Sagie, MD
1992 Hisako Tsujii, MD
1991 Kourosh Mastali, MD
1991 Sonya Vaziri, MD
1990 Maurizio Galderisi, MD
1990 Harlan Krumholz, MD
1989 Michael Lauer, MD
1988 Emelia Benjamin, MD, ScM
1988 Joanne Murabito, MD, ScM
1984 Daniel Levy, MD